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The following titles will be issued in hardback over the coming months beginning March 2010.
However, special paperback editions of 100 copies of each are being issued to coincide
with the World Horror Convention in Brighton, England. We expect some copies to
be available following the convention, and shall be glad to receive enquiries regarding
these from interested parties. Please email for further details.

by Simon Kurt Unsworth

Advance Praise for LOST PLACES:

Deceptively amiable, but creepy as hell—Unsworth's horror stories are all the more powerful because they're told about characters like you and me, and the evils that are hidden just out of sight of everyday. There's a humanity to this work that makes its macabre twists all the crueler. (Rob Shearman, 2008 World Fantasy Award Winner)

Vivid and creepily effective, these are gripping tales of the relentlessly pursued, twisting shadows, half-seen shapes, the goodbye kiss of a ghost, and the terror of imaginary beings. With the rustling pungence of M. R. James and the claustrophobic interiority of Ramsey Campbell, Simon Kurt Unsworth gear-shifts from innocuous to disturbing deftly enough to give the most hardened of us nightmares. (Stephen Vok, BAFTA Award-winning author of GHOSTWATCH)

Simon Unsworth possesses that elusive gift they call 'storytelling'. His main strength is that he knows intuitively how to structure a tale to keep you reading right till the end, even when that end is less than happy for his characters. Here is a writer who knows the value of his craft and he's damn well going to use it, no matter who gets hurt in the process. (Gary McMahon)

Rather than providing comfort, the soul rending humanity and beguiling sense of nostalgia which permeate these stories ultimately serve only to impenetrably blacken their dark and unforgiving hearts. An emotionally devastating debut collection from a powerful new voice in horror. (Mark Morris)

The most impressive debut from any horror writer that I have seen in a very long time. From the terrifying 'Old Man's Pantry' to the sublimely chilling 'Church on the Island' (which was rightly nominated for the World Fantasy Award), Simon Kurt Unsworth's debut collection delivers the goods in every respect. Frightening, evocative, and highly recommended! (Lawrence C. Connolly)

SIMON KURT UNSWORTH was born in 1972 and lives in the north of England, somewhere between Lancaster and Morecambe, with his gorgeous wife, exuberant son, and two dogs rescued from the local dogs' home. By profession he works for a charity as a trainer, working across the whole of the U.K., which gives him plenty of time on trains to write stories. His work has previously been published by the BBC, by Ash-Tree Press in their anthologies At Ease with the Dead and Shades of Darkness, in Gaslight Grotesque: Nightmare Tales of Sherlock Holmes, and in Ellen Datlow's anthology Lovecraft Unbound. His story from At Ease with the Dead, 'The Church on the Island', was reprinted in Stephen Jones's Mammoth Book of Best New Horror #19 and was a 2008 World Fantasy Award nominee for Best Short Story. It has also been selected for inclusion in the Very Best of Best New Horror. This is his first collection.

CONTENTS: Introduction by Barbara Roden; A Different Morecambe; Haunting Marley; The Derwentwater Shark; When the World Goes Quiet; Old Man's Pantry; Scucca; Flappy the Bat; A Meeting of Gemmologists; Where Cats Go; The Baking of Cakes; The Lemon in the Pool; Stevie's Duck; Forest Lodge; The Station Waiting Room; The Animal Game; An Afternoon with Danny; The Pennine-Tower Restaurant; The Church on the Island; Endword/Story Notes.



by Lawrence C. Connolly

LAWRENCE C. CONNOLLY (b. 1951) has been writing since the early 1980s, with stories appearing in some of the genre's top magazines and anthologies, among them Cemetery Dance, Twilight Zone, Fantasy & Science Fiction, and Year's Best Horror Stories.

This Way to Egress offers eighteen of his best horror, ghost, and mystery stories set in locations as diverse as rural Pennsylvania, central Italy, and Soviet Russia.

Along the way you will encounter worlds of fluid reality where nothing can be trusted, a lacquer box that serves as a holding cell for over 400 persecuted souls, and a young man who makes an alarming discovery about the connection between modern photography and timeless evil.

This collection also features 'Reckoning', an all-new story set in a backwoods church in a deep Pennsylvania valley—a place where a callous killer learns the meaning of fear.

Also new to this collection is the retrospective essay 'Ingress', featuring a look back at Connolly's three decades of writing and publishing ranging from early collections of his work with T. E. D. Klein (Twilight Zone) and Karl Edward Wagner (Year's Best Horror) up to his recent association with filmmakers Charly Cantor (Blood) and David Slade (Thirty Days of Night).

Lawrence C. Connolly's novel Veins was a Black Quill Award finalist for 2008. He follows it this year with This Way to Egress, the first collection of his best and best-known horror stories from the genre's top magazines and anthologies.

CONTENTS: Ingress; This Way to Egress; Circle of Lias; Painkeeper; Moon and the Devil; Smuggling the Dead; Flames; Lesions; The Break-in Artist; Wired for Fear; Reckoning; Striking Terror; The Soothsayer; Shooting Evil; Hungry Ann; Things; Decanting Oblivion; Buckeye and Spitball; Mrs Halfbooger's Basement; Echoes.



by Steve Duffy

STEVE DUFFY's work has been described as 'exquisite' and 'heartbreaking' (Mark Flowers, School Library Journal), 'compelling' Charles Tan, Bibliophile Stalker), and 'exceptional . . . full of menace, thrills, and growing terror (Mario Guslandi, The Short Review). TRAGIC LIFE STORIES demonstrates all these qualities, bringing the classic ghost-story up-to-date in a way that is as unsettling as it is terrifying. In these nine stories, nothing is what it seems, no one is safe, and there is absolutely nowhere to hide.

Steve Duffy lives in North Wales. Since the mid-1990s his stories have been published in numerous magazines and anthologies in Europe and North America. Several of them have appeared in Ellen Datlow's annual Year's Best Fantasy and Horror anthologies, and in that series' successor title Best Horror of the Year. Ash-Tree Press has published two previous collections of Steve's work, both solo (The Night Comes On) and in collaboration with Ian Rodwell (The Five Quarters). His next collection, The Moment of Panic, is scheduled to appear in 2011, and will include his International Horror Guild award-winning short story from 2000, 'The Rag-and-Bone Men'.

CONTENTS: Introduction by Barbara Roden; Tragic Life Stories; Tantara; Certain Death for a Known Person; The Fabric of Things; Nightmare Farm; Someone Across the Way; Only Passing Through Here; Numbers; The First Time; Story Notes.





by Paul Finch

In this dynamic new collection, Paul Finch draws on fact, legend, and myth to create five terrifying tales spanning the length and breadth of Great Britain, from the mountains of Snowdonia to industrial Lancashire, and from northern Scotland to a run-down district o Liverpool. Readers will encounter the shape-shifting Baobhan Sith and the horrifying 'Red Clogs'; search for the monstrous afanc of Wales; be haunted by the spectres of a war long past but not forgotten; and, in the spectacular title stry, take part in a treasure hunt that goes terrifyingly wrong. Walkers in the Dark is Paul Finch at his hard-hitting best, and a collection that will haunt you long after the last page has been turned.

PAUL FINCH is a former police officer and journalist, now turned full-time writer. He first cut his literary teeth penning episodes of the British TV crime drama THE BILL, but has also written extensively in the field of animation, contributing numerous scripts to various children's television shows. However, Paul is probably best known for his work in horror, and his numerous collections and short stories have been published on both sides of the Atlantic. His first collection, After Shocks (Ash-Tree Press, 2001), won the British Fantasy Award, and he again won the award in 2007 for his novella Kid. In 2007, Paul won the International Horror Guild Award for his story 'The Old North Road'. A second Ash-Tree Press collection, Ghost Realm, was published in 2008. Paul lives in Lancashire, northern England, with his wife Cathy and his children Eleanor and Harry.

CONTENTS: The Formless; Season of Mist; Fathoms Green and Noisome; Golgotha Way; Walkers in the Dark; Story Notes.





Edited by Barbara Roden and Christopher Roden

In 1996, Ash-Tree Press published a special commemorative booklet to celebrate the fact that Hugh Lamb was a Guest of Honour at a Ghost Story Society Convention in Chester. This booklet, originally in a print run of 350 copies, has long been out of print, and, to celebrate Hugh's attendance as a Guest of Honour at the World Horror Convention in Brighton, England in March 2010, the opportunity is being taken to once more make FORGOTTEN GHOSTS—this time in electronic format.

Every attendee at the World Horror Convention will receive a copy of the booklet with the compliments of Ash-Tree Press. The production is a DVD with the contents being in PDF file format. An opportunity has also been take to include a full-colour gallery of the many dust jackets which have adorned Hugh's anthologies and collections over the years.

A small number of copies of the booklet will be available to non-attendees, though only for as long as stocks last. Anyone interested should email Ash-Tree Press at for further information.

CONTENTS: Foreword by Barbara Roden & Christopher Roden; Introduction by Mike Ashley; Only a Dream by H. Rider Haggard; The Ship that Saw a Ghost by Frank Norris; The Trapdoor by C. D. Heriot; Kentucky's Ghost by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward; Waxworks by W. L. George.



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