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by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Edited, with an Introduction, by Jim Rockhill

ISBN: 1-55310-079-4; xxxvi + 226pp.

Published 31 March 2005. Limited to 650 copies.
Jacket artwork by Douglas Walters.

PRICE: Cdn$58.00 / US$47.50 / 28.00 (Postage Code B)


MR JUSTICE HARBOTTLE AND OTHERS, the third and final volume in Ash-Tree Press's series of J. Sheridan Le Fanu's supernatural fiction, covers the period between 1870 and the author's death in 1873. During these three years Le Fanu, in an effort to support his family, continued the furious writing pace which had begun in 1863, with triple-decker novels and short stories pouring forth from his pen. Amongst the short stories were more than a dozen supernatural tales: some return to Irish folklore for their inspiration, others are more mature re-workings of earlier tales, and one has become one of the most anthologised and influential tales in the genre, the vampire classic 'Carmilla'. In his introduction, Jim Rockhill examines Le Fanu's final years and the supernatural work he produced during them; and also reveals the truth behind the writer's death, which according to previous accounts was sufficiently dramatic to have come from one of his own stories.

The first two volumes of the series, SCHALKEN THE PAINTER and Others and THE HAUNTED BARONET and Others are currently still available.

CONTENTS: Introduction by Jim Rockhill: 'A Dream of the Shadow of Smoke: The Final Years & Supernatural Fiction of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu 187073; The Child that Went with the Fairies; The White Cat of Drumgunniol; Stories of Lough Guir; The Vision of Tom Chuff; Madam Crowl's Ghost; The Dead Sexton; Carmilla; Mr Justice Harbottle; The Familiar; Sir Dominick's Bargain; Laura Silver Bell; Dickon the Devil; Bibliography; Publication History of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's Supernatural Fiction Published during His Lifetime; Acknowledgements.

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